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Roller Shutters Hatfield

We can supply and fit a wide range of Roller Shutters Hatfield

Roller Shutters are a high security product and essential to any industrial & commercial property. They can be manufactured in both steel and aluminium options, all made to measure from small pedestrian doorways all the way up to very large warehouse openings. Electric and manual versions are available with many safety features and operating options possible. They are galvanized as standard but can be powder coated in any RAL or BS colour if desired. Roller shutters are robust and a compact option by design.

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Generally found in large warehouse applications, where opening are used by large vehicles like HGV’s and forklift trucks. This particular type of roller shutter will be manufactured from steel and will be galvanized as standard, the compact design makes them a good option in most applications where space is limited. They are usually supplied with electric motors due to the size and both three and single phase options are available, but can be manufactured with a manual hand chain for areas without an electrical supply. Designed for multiple operations per day, they are well suited to the warehouse environment. The curtain slats are available in 20 & 22 gauge single skin type or a polyurethane filled insulated slat for improved weather protection.
Most commonly found on the high street protecting shop fronts from potential threats, due to the high security offered from a compact design. This type of roller shutter is best suited to shop fronts and small door way openings, they have a 240v tube motor concealed within the roller shutter giving them a smart overall look. Coming in galvanized steel as standard but will usually be powder coated to a colour of the customers choice. The curtain slats can be perforated or punched allowing potential customers to see through when your premises is closed. Additional security extras are available such as bullet locks and lockable keyswitches, along with insurance approved features for an extra level of security if required. Various operating types available from simple up-down switches to remote control units.
Using the same design as a conventional roller shutter, car park roller shutters come with a range of upgrades making them more suitable for the car park environment. The motor will be designed to cope with the high usage demand, which will allow the door to perform full cycles more than 40 times per hour. As these doors are found in public places and generally tend to be unsupervised, there are many safety features required such as anti-trapping photocells and induction loops to prevent impact collisions. Properties with smaller car parks usually opt to have the doors operated via remote control units, whereas larger car parks have many options from card reading access systems to token collectors. As with all roller shutters they can be powder coated in any RAL/BS colour and curtains can be perforated, punched or insulated.
Fire rated roller shutters are an absolute must to prevent the spread of fire in industrial and commercial properties. Typically found between conjoining unit areas and in canteen environments, they contain the fire to that specific area saving the rest of the property. The design is similar to that of a conventional roller shutter, but have a host of upgrades making them fit for purpose. Designed in such a way to cope with the expansion of materials during a fire which allows them to drop in any condition, they seal to structure preventing flames passing the physical barrier from one area to the next. Operated in modern environments via a link to the fire alarm which automatically lowers when the alarm sounds, older types were activated with a fusible link system. Modern systems will be operated via a flashing/ringing control panel warning of the system beginning its decent. Available powder coated in any RAL/BS colour. 1,2 & 4 hour fire rating options are possible depending on your specific requirements.

The most basic of all roller shutters, push up’s are most suited to areas where there is no electrical supply or where a cheap physical barrier is required. As the name suggests these are simply pushed up to open and pulled down to close, the locking is supplied by either bullet locks or a viro lock located in the bottom rail. They are only available in limited sizes for safety purposes (approx 6 m2). As standard these will come galvanized but can also be powder coated in any RAL/BS colour, the curtain can be perforated or punched in a letter box style. The operation of these doors are aided by a concealed torsion spring within the barrel, creating counterbalance for easy lifting and a controlled decent.

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