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Garage Doors Hitchin

We can supply and fit a wide range of Garage Doors Hitchin
We have a vast range of garage doors available in Garage Doors Hitchin; with materials ranging from steel to timber and doors manufactured for different purposes, we will have a door for your needs. Our range of Garage doors all come fitted with a fixing sub frame of either steel or aluminium, fully prepared for a simple installation. These Garage doors are also fitted with either single skin or double skin constructions, offering fantastic levels of insulation and security.

We provide :

Are the best option for those who need maximum insulation and weatherproofing from their garage door. With the double skinned steel 40mm thick foam filled panels and a tight rubber seal all round no other garage door can come close to the insulation value they offer.

The panels open vertically allowing you to park closer and save space on the driveway, also being installed on the back of the garage opening will give you full width and height of your opening space. Running on rollers in tracks which protrude into the garage, the operation is smooth and silent also the spring counterbalance system makes manual operation effortless. The panels are generally manufactured in insulated steel but are also available in a number of solid timber options too, with a large range of design patterns available in either material.

Steel panels have a wide range of standard colour options and can come finished in any colour you desire from the factory. With a host of added extras available like glazing panels, handle materials and additional locking it’s no wonder these are a popular choice in modern environments. The sectional doors are also well suited to automation, the kits come with remotes as standard but often benefit from extras such as manual override systems when no rear access is available.

Are the most common style of garage doors on the market. They are available in two types. ‘Canopy Types’ are counterbalanced by a spring and when open the panel takes up less space inside the garage, making them better suited to garages with sloping roofs or low joints. ‘Retractable Types’ run on tracks and fully retract into the garage, they are also sprung to aid operation and are better suited to automation than the canopy type.

Up & Over garage doors are great for those looking for a particular style or material to complete the overall ascetic look you require. The door panels can be manufactured in various materials and designs and are available with extras like glazing, additional locking and automation kits. Steel panelled garage doors come finished in a range of standard colours, but can also be factory finished in any colour. Timber panels are also available in a wide range of timbers and stains.

Are a popular choice due to their modern design and space saving qualities. As the door opens vertically it allows you to park closer creating more driveway space and if installed behind the opening can maximise opening space giving more drive through width and height.

At the top you have a fully enclosed case which contains the lifting and locking mechanism, to the sides are guide rails with integrated brush making the operation smooth and quiet. The aluminium curtains are available in 77mm and 55mm depth slats, both are double skinned and are foam filled for insulation. 77mm slats are more suitable for large openings and 55mm slats are better suited to lower openings, as the top box is smaller. A heavy duty 44mm option is also available, with heavier gauge materials used all round it’s the ideal solution if security is your priority.

The curtain, box and guides come in a large range of standard colours and custom combinations, they can also be laminated in a number of wood grain effects. A 240v tube motor does the lifting and the shaft mounted locking arms take care of security. The anti-drop braking system protects the user in the event of a failure and either a photocell or safety edge will prevent potential damage from obstacles during operation. The control panel kit has two remotes controls as standard with the option to add more if required.

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